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Low Carbon Revolution: The Future of Green Energy

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

The low-carbon economy is part of energy policy and thus of sustainable development policy. It is a response to climate change and helps to maintain a quality of life responsibly and in the long term for us and future generations. It covers the areas of sustainable transport and mobility and intelligent energy distribution, storage and transmission systems. The low carbon economy is economical and socially inclusive. It requires societal visions, cooperation with industry, investment in science and research, and the interconnection of society, citizens, industry, research, politics, and public administration. What the debate looks like in the Czech Republic, where are our strengths, where are our weaknesses and what lessons can we learn from abroad were the topics of our discussion. Guest speakers included Luděk Niedermayer, MEP; Martin Hausenblas, author of the Liftago project, businessman and philanthropist, Christina Bache, researcher at the Wilfried Martens Center in Brussels, and Eva Palacková, political adviser to the European People's Party. The debate was moderated by Lucie Tungul, political scientist at the Faculty of Law of Palacký University and an analyst at the TOPAZ political institute.

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